Our Rector

Vicar Wayne Malott, was inducted as our Rector on September 7th, 2014! We are very fortunate to have the Malotts with us to lead and share our parish ministry.

Rev'd Dr. Wayne Malott

Wayne comes to us from Windsor where he has spent the last year as Priest Assistant at St. David's and St. Mark's Parishes.
Originally from Blenheim, a small farming town near Chatham, ON, he attended a United Church, became disillusioned with it at a very early age and broke away. He attended university at U. of Windsor and Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College embarking on a successful chiropractic career spent in Chatham, Stratford (where he came to know Bayfield) and Windsor.

He is married to Lori, who besides bringing three step daughters also brought a vibrant, lively faith walk into his life. With her example, and that of many people along the way Wayne gradually returned to an active relationship with Christ. The discovery of cancer in their youngest daughter prompted the move to Windsor to be closer to her in 2001.

He began attending St. Aidan's Windsor and became heavily involved in both the life of the parish and the study of the faith at that time. He assumed more duties during a long vacancy at the church, and late in 2006 answered his call by enrolling at Wycliffe College at the U. of Toronto, graduating in 2010.

He was ordained Nov. 30, 2010 and this is his first independent charge. (Don't let the gray hair fool you.) Wayne considers himself a prime example of how the dechurched and unchurched can be brought to Christ and the Gospel still be spread to the world. He looks forward to growing with the parishes in both mission and in joyously living out a “life more abundant” in Christ.